Garth on the BBC

My 2 seconds of fame on the BBC last night – and they were proud ones as they showcased the extraordinary work we did on this mental health campaign to help Inverclyde, Scotland in the time of Covid.

With deep thanks to the extraordinary MINDMOSAIC COUNSELLING AND THERAPYLouise Hunter and Mark Hutton for their time and vision. As a creative, it has often been frustrating to find ways to help my community when the best and most urgent advice was to simply stay home. This provided a much-need outlet and focus during this time, and I have been grateful for it.

Akashi Whiskey Product Shoot

Shot in my studio last week, I love this Akashi Whiskey shot – all effects were in-camera in a single take and lots of fun to shoot this one!

Recent meditations on photographing the “new normal”

In March – a lifetime ago – I was getting strange looks as I wore my mask in the grocery store. It felt like I was the only one in Scotland doing it. Two months later and the mask is ubiquitous. We are hidden, hiding, and desperate to be protected from what we cannot see. Certainly this will influence photography, and I wanted to do some explorations on that theme…

S/S20 PhotoBook

The shots I’m proud of, and the people I’m proud to have collaborated with.
Viewable here.